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We strive to bring the rich flavors of Africa’s produce to places that until now have been unable to savor the diversity and richness of Africa’s, and especially Uganda’s fruits and vegetables.

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Our Vision ?

Our vision is to establish a hi-tech nucleus farm that will use the:

Most advantageous tunnels & greenhouses, date irrigation equipment,

Advanced cooling chain from point of leaving the ground at harvest, until embarkation on the aeroplane.



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What we do

  • We export fresh herbs & vegetables under the brand of Uganda
  • We provide employment for a significant section of local manpower.
  • We leverage the potential of the logistics chain that we will create, by mentoring and guiding local farmers to cultivate crops for export


Our Strategic Goal

  • To develop an agricultural infrastructure that will empower the local farmer and transfer technology, skills and best practice so that as the project embeds itself in Uganda, the locally fostered partners become self-sustaining and self-propagating


Our latest Projects

greenhouseThe goal of the greenhouse is to create a closed safe environment, wherein the spraying system can deliver less pesticide and herbicide. However because it is a restricted space, these additives have more effect, the same in respect of water. Rain is a good thing, but not on the crops. Rain should populate the reservoir and then, we control the amount of water that the crops receive. Less water is needed for crops grown outside, but better quality, healthy yield is achieved. These green houses can accept covering which is polyethylene, PVC, polycarbonate, with a little guidance On-site installation is possible with unskilled labourers More