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We strive to bring the rich flavors of Africa’s produce to places that until now have been unable to savor the diversity and richness of Africa’s, and especially Uganda’s fruits and vegetables.



Our Brand

Nile Fresh Produce is the leading company of fruit and vegetable exports from Uganda to the European market. "Nile Fresh Produce" is derived from the rich fertile agricultural setting around the life giving nile basin from where our quality and high grade produce emanates. This name was chosen because the company’s activities have a positive impact not only on local farmers, but also on the local community and on the Ugandan economy. Nile Fresh Produce benefits from the productive and fertile lands of Uganda to cultivate, year-round, tropical fruits and vegetables and make these available to the European palate.

Every step of the production process is carefully monitored directly by Nile Fresh Produce, from the planting of the seeds in the fields to the delivery at points of sales in the European markets. This production system, with Nile Fresh Produce’s constant presence and vigilance in all processes, guarantees that the fruits and vegetables reaching the European markets are of the highest quality, freshness, and flavor. Nile Fresh Produce’s fruits and vegetables are transported to Europe aboard refrigerated airplanes and remain freshly preserved from the time the small scale farmers sell their produce to Nile Fresh Produce’s packaging facilities in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, until the time they reach the European consumer. Nile Fresh Produce guarantees that its fruits and vegetables reach the European markets in less than 36 hours from the time they were culled in the fields of Uganda, assuring the highest degree of freshness and quality.

Who we are?

CEO : Mr Pius Kwesiga

Mr. Kwesiga is the founding member and company Chief Executive directly responsible for all company business affairs in Uganda.